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How To Add new Room


Step1:Hotel manager -> Hotel details


Step2: Hotel manager -> Roomtype manager


Add new room type -> enter your room type(ex: Premium Suite) and


Enter your services(room facility services )


Upload your room type picture


And enter your Room Size : Bed Size :


Step3: Hotel manager -> Capacity manager


 Add new room capacity -> enter your room title:(ex: Premium Suite) capacity :(ex: 2 or 4)


Step 4: Hotel manager -> Room manager


Add new room -> Select room type


And enter No of rooms in Your Hotel


And Select Capacity Room Type  (important room type and capacity selection same name)


Enter No of Children occupied that room..


How to Add Hotel Near Facilities


Step1: Hotel manageràHotel Around -> Around Category


Add new Category -> enter Category Name (ex: 15 km arround)


Step2:Hotel Aroundà Around Add/Edit 


Click Add New Around


Select Category title  (ex: 15 km arround)


Enter title: (ex:air port)


Enter Distance: (ex:5km)


How To Add New Price plan


Step1: Price manager -> Price Plan


Click Add new price plan


Step2: Select Room type (ex: Premium Suite)




Choose Start to End date in price plan




Enter the Price plan in text box (ex: Premium Suite)(45.00)


How To Update New Price plan


Step1: Price manager -> Price Plan


Step2: Select Room type (ex: Premium Suite)


Next  Click Edit Option


Enter your New price plan


How To Room Blocking


Step1: Bookiing manager -> Room Blocking


Choose checkin and checkout date next click search button


Step2: Select Room type And click Block