Online hotels booking through fanadak

Online hotels booking through fanadak

Online hotels booking through fanadak is the world’s leading online accommodation provider in middle east. Travel to top best places of middle east and get best deals in online hotel booking .

  • Qatar:The reason I like Qatar so much is that it manages to keep its traditions alive . Qatar has almost a small town feel to it despite the emerging skyscrapers. Some of the ME best museums and cultural villages can be found here. The numerous souqs have been restored and wandering among them feels like stepping back in time. Qatar also has great restaurants and beaches for those in search of a beach holiday! Book Now with for best online hotels !!


  • Kuwait:Saudi-Arabia’s tiny little neighbour is greatly under valued as a tourist destination. Only an hour flight away from Riyadh, Kuwait is definitely worth a weekend trip and great for a quick getaway from Saudi. Personally I like the more quiet vibe here which is a nice change to the busy..Book Now and avail top best deals of the day with


  • Oman: AlKasfah Spring is located in Wilayt ArRustaq in Al batinah south governate.  It is a collection of natural water springs whose temperatures reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Hot water pours out of it in several streams to irrigate orchards. AlKasfah Spring is famous for its sulphate therapeutic waters.

      What distinguishes AlKasfah Spring from the rest of the springs in the Sultanate is the presence of sulphur and swimming pools for bathing. The pools are open all year round. Also, this spring waters the district’s farms through AlHammam Falaj. Book now with and ENJOY YOUR TRIP !!



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